Candlefish No. 83


Oriental. 100% soy wax candle with a burn time of 60-70 hours for 9 ounces. Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Amber. Fragrance Family - ORIENTAL

Made in Charleston, SC



Bergamot oil is naturally sweet, zesty, and effervescent in character. The essential oil comes from the rind of the Citrus aurantium, an inedible citrus fruit that looks like a small orange.



Common jasmine, native to Iran, produces fragrant white flowers that are used in perfumery. It is widely admired for its shining leaves and clusters of flowers that bloom in summer. Jasmine is sensual, sweet, and extremely floral.



Amber is a fragrance accord created with notes such as labdanum, vanilla, and balsams, which are sweet, warm resins that come from tree barks.

"Remember the joy of jumping into new crispy leaf piles in the fall? This candle is all of that wrapped in one. The perfect fall morning candle that's so good, you'll want to burn it all year round!"